8 Hot Ideas to Bring More Customers to Your Restaurant

No one restaurant uses the same marketing method to reach out to their target audience. That’s why you have got to be unique in your approach if you want to stand out from the rest of your competition and in a big way, especially if you want to bring in more customers than you’ve ever had.

Some of the many ways to attract new customers include offering discounts, forming relationships with local businesses and being involved with the community.

Let’s dive in a little more to see how you can sharpen your marketing stance:

1. Donate to Charities

One of the more unique ways of promoting your restaurant is by teaming up with a local charity group or organization. You can contribute by setting up a schedule for your employees to take part in a local food shelf or perhaps even provide food for the charity’s annual gala.

You can also try small by donating to lesser-known fundraisers such as silent auctions. In the end, your restaurant gets more traction while you help out the community, which is a win-win when you look at it from afar.

2. Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Another way to spread the word about your restaurant is by sponsoring a local team, which could be anything between Little League to hockey. This works by having the team wear your company’s logo or name it after your restaurant. Once again, you’ll get more visibility and support your community at once.

3. Partner With Local Businesses

Reaching out and forming relationships with other businesses is important to enhance your reputation in the community. Think of several creative ways to work with your partnering company. They might also visit your restaurant and potentially encourage their customers to try your place out as a result.

4. Take Quality Photos of Your Eatery

A picture, especially one of 1080p HD quality, is most certainly worth a thousand words. Showcasing high-quality pictures of your menu is sure to whet the appetite of your target customers.

But if you don’t have a good digital camera, we suggest you invest in one and polish your photography skills to get the capture your dishes in all their glory.

If you can afford it, you can hire a professional food photographer to take pictures for you. Then post those pictures all over your website, social media, and other common advertising options to increase your chances of motivating your intended audience to come over to your restaurant.

5. Host an Event

Hosting events for your customers shows how much you value them, especially if you host a customer appreciation event, where you offer various deals on meals and drinks or sweepstakes just like WalgreensListens does.

If you’re just about to open your shop, you can host a grand opening event. After all, regular food lovers will usually want to try something new once in a while. Offer a deal on a sample platter, just so people can try out several dishes.

You can also offer live music or even a holiday or a theme party.

6. Offer Free WiFi

These days, WiFi is basically a necessity for restaurant customers. This is a factor that helps people try an eatery depending on whether it has WiFi or not. It helps customers socialize or share the experience they had at your restaurant with their family and friends. So be sure to give them this crucial incentive.

7. Use Email Marketing

The right kind of email can definitely turn visitors into potential customers.

The first thing you need to do is to collect as many email addresses as you can. You can make an email sign up sheet and offer it to potential customers at a business meeting, local tasting event, or a trade show.

8. Post More on Social Media Accounts

Social media is the best word-of-mouth tool that exists today. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all great ways to promote your restaurant.