5 Simples tips that help you to win a pizza eating contest


Anyone out there with a pizza? Can bring one with some extra cheese and olives? Oh! Don’t forget to sprinkle some chili flakes! Ooh, this is not for you guys because I was talking to the waiter to bring me a PIZZA!

Pizza is not something to be ignored because no matter how hard you try you can never resist it. Through online surveys, it is found that all the foodies in the world love only one competition. And that is the pizza eating competition. Survey H helps us to understand the statistics for eating all the pizza.

Pizza Eating Contest:

Food contest has been out there for a very long and I must say that they are rather enjoying them. But one cannot just go into a food contest especially a pizza eating contest just like that. You will have to see it if you are capable of eating them and if your body can take in some large pizza. Also through online surveys and Survey H, most of the aspiring pizza eating contestants are allergic to many ingredients that consist in the pizza. So, before you can get inside any pizza eating contest ensure that you know some basic rules and more than that, get yourself prepared for the pizza eating contest. So there are some basic rules and regulations which we are going to follow for the contest and to win as well. So grab your handkerchief we are going for a pizza eating contest. Let us get started.

How to prepare yourself?

Instead of the online surveys or Survey H, you are looking for an honest opinion then it works like this. It is a sport more than a competition. What you need to train is your stomach, mind and eating process otherwise it is nothing but a waste of time and a pressure on your health. Let us now see the procedures to prepare yourself for the pizza eating competition:

1. Workout for the Jaw:

According to the online surveys and Survey H, the secret behind winning the pizza eating competition is the jaw. Just like abs in your body the jaws also have some muscles inside which you need to work on. On any food competition, you need to eat faster and chew faster without biting your tongue or other parts of the mouth, in one word you need to be careful. Start by chewing gum on a regular basis that too a week before the competition for at least five days keep chewing the gums so that the muscle becomes stronger for you to chew any kind of food. After that start chewing the gum faster and then try to eat your pizza faster and without getting hurt.

2. Stomach:

Eating pizza is alright but it has to go somewhere. But where I wonder. To the stomach duh. For that, you will have to stretch your stomach. Start by eating healthy food. Low calories are highly recommended. For example, high fiber foods like cabbage, lettuce, watermelon, steamed vegetables. Make a routine or a diet plan. There is a reason for this kind of eating. The vegetable makes you feel fuller and lighter, it creates that tendency in your body which in turn helps you to actually eat any kind of food no matter how much you eat. You will have that immunity system working.

3. Eat Pizza:

The pizza types matter in a competition. First of all, you will have to pick a pizza eating competition. You will then eventually know what kind of pizza will be used in the competition. Then you can start practicing eating that particular pizza till the competition. If you are a real sportsperson, then you will prepare for the big day like it is your last day. That too by making a routine. How to work out, what to eat, when to eat everything so that you do not face any kind of difficulties in the competition.

Whether you win or lose at least you will get to eat lots of pizza. And the pizzas are really tasty.

4. Last Meal:

Guys, please do not take it seriously. Last meal means that you will have to eat as much as possible before the match starts. Drink as much water as possible, eat as much food, pizza on that case as possible. Ensure your stomach has some foods in them so you can double check your capacity of having foods for good.

5. Some more tricks:

To help up to quicken the digestion it is better to have some lemon juice afterward and have a very good night sleep. You will have to sleep properly so that you can feel refreshed.

Always remember the rules as if it is your very own game. Try to memorize the rules as much as possible like eat however you want and in your own style. Just remember that you will have to finish the pizza as fast as possible so that you can win the competition.


TellPizzaHut is an online survey site where you can give your feedback on the contest which you have participated in. The main point is then at least people will also get to know the quality of the pizza or the ingredients. To give your feedback on TellPizzaHut is you will get a receipt of the competition where you will get a unique code, go to the website and put that number. After you have done that give your feedback regarding the competition, the environment, everything there is and you can share your opinion or if luck chooses to be by your side then you can also win a gift hamper as well.


We eat pizza as part of the luxury budget. To be more appropriate we eat pizza rarely but when we do we binge on it. The contest is also like a competition to show everyone that you can do it too.