5 Tips to Get Your Restaurant a 5-Star Rating

As a restaurant owner your number one goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through the quality of your food and services. Restaurants, hotels, and other service-oriented businesses aim to get a 5-star rating to boost brand reputation and recall. Maintaining high-quality services encourages customers to try out their business and keep coming back.

How do you get that 5-star rating? There are a number of factors that affect a customer’s decision to give your restaurant a positive or negative review. Follow these tips to ensure that you’re putting your restaurant’s best foot forward.

#1 Create a goal-obsessed team

Your restaurant won’t be successful without the help of a passionate team working toward a common goal.  Motivate your people by treating them fairly and with respect. Provide proper training and evaluate individual performance regularly to identify skill gaps and areas for improvement.

#2 Indulge customers with a unique food selection

Satisfy your customer with your signature dishes. Food selection is not only judged on presentation and taste but through preparation as well. Keep your food fresh and delightful so customers always appreciate the experience. Don’t forget to follow food safety protocols when handling, storing, and disposing of food to prevent food spoilage and contamination.

#3 Improve your customer service

It is important to consistently provide your customers with high-quality services to leave a good impression. Set the bar high when it comes to customer service. Manage inquiries from reservation to actual dining experience and define a reasonable waiting time for food to be served. Observe your staff’s attitude and behavior when assisting customers and ensure that they establish rapport. Conduct surveys to get your customer’s feedback and implement corrective actions to resolve negative reviews.

#4 Maintain cleanliness

Regular restaurant cleaning is a must! Use a restaurant cleaning checklist to inspect restaurant cleanliness from opening to closing. Poor kitchen hygiene and practices can put your restaurant at risk of bad reviews and, at worst, fines and regulatory problems. Keep in mind that cleaning doesn’t only mean checking the physical condition of your restaurant but also inspecting your facilities and processes. Watch out for damaged items and inefficient methods and take necessary action as soon as possible.

#5 Sell value at the right price

Pricing is one often overlooked aspect of the restaurant industry. Set reasonable prices for your target market without sacrificing profitability. Consider factors like location, ambiance, food ingredients, portion sizes, and labor cost before you come up with a decision.

A 5 star rating will help your restaurant gain popularity, which means more profit for you and more funds for better ingredients and facilities. Make an effort to please your customers with an extraordinary dining experience and excellent service. Focus on quality, taste, and food presentation. Identify areas of improvement and keep your restaurant clean and safe.