Some Great Catering Ideas for Office Events

Nowadays ordering a meal for yourself is quite easy. However ordering lunch for the entire office is a totally different matter altogether. A catered lunch is more than just a break in a weekday, it’s an experience that bonds the entire office over a shared culinary experience. Remember, its always easy to order Pizza, but for a truly exciting and memorable office lunch, you need a few catering ideas that are outside of the box.

Catering in Campbelltown has us devote a lot of time planning menus for events. Coming up with a menu that will please all of your coworkers’ taste buds (and whims) can be quite a task, but here are a few ideas that might be of help.

The following catering ideas just might have the entire office salivating.

Hot Chicken:

Nashville’s best-kept culinary secret for long, hot chicken shacks seem to be popping up all over in recent times. Adding a little spice can turn ordinary fried chicken into a truly outstanding dish. While most people are content with the milder versions of hot chicken it might be worth getting a few plates of medium or even the genuinely hot stuff for the braver souls to sample. Just ensure that there are a few heat-soaking ice-cream sandwiches on hand!

Authentic Mexican Street Tacos:

In a pinch, it’s hard to go wrong with tacos. If it’s gotten a little boring with the standard fillings, maybe it’s time to revisit the authentic Mexican flavors that started it all. How about a skirt steak taco and salsa verde or some fried fish with avocado creme? Have a bowl of chips or guacamole and a big helping of fresh salsa on the side and lunch hour will soon turn into an office fiesta!

Korean Tacos:

What started out as a novelty in the L.A. back in 2009, Korean tacos seem to be everywhere now. Who could have predicted that traditional corn tortillas filled with bulgogi and kimchi (or other options) would turn out to be an intensely yummy favorite? The uniquely delicious collision of flavors could very well be the most exciting culinary crossover of the modern times.

Cajun Classics:

Another great spicy option, Cajun cooking has plenty to offer. Can anyone turn down some legit Louisiana seafood gumbo or jambalaya, or a shrimp po’ boy? It’s a classic traditional American cuisine that lots of people outside of the Gulf Coast might not yet had the pleasure to savor.

Indian Street Food:

No matter how much of a gourmet you are, it’s difficult to appreciate just how complex, varied, and delicious Indian street food can be. It is one of the rare exotic fast-food styles that serve predominantly vegetarian offerings. Be it lighter fare like bhelpuri (a mixture of puffed rice, diced vegetables and sauce) or aloo chaat (spiced and fried potatoes) to “heavier” fare like pav bhaji (thick bread and veg sauce), your teammates are sure to find something they like. Indian menus can include meat-based options as well, like chicken pakode or kababs which would appease any tough to please carnivores.

Great American Road Trip:

What about a food trip across America without ever leaving the building? One of the more creative catering ideas that’s quite easy to put together. You just need to set up a few tables and choose a few iconic dishes from across the country. It shouldn’t be that difficult to put together tasty Philly Cheesesteaks or Brooklyn-style thin-crust pizza or Frisco’s Sushi Burritos or even New Orleans beignets. With virtually every caterer or restaurant and having their own take on these classic American dishes, the possibilities are endless.


The most important culinary legacy that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has served today’s pop culture is almost certainly from the post-credits scene in The original Avengers. This introduced an entire generation of super hero fans to this absolutely delectable dish from the Mediterranean. What’s there not to like about thin shreds of spiced chicken, turkey, lamb or beef mixed up with some mayo served on flatbread? A few sides like fries or veggies would make anyone a truly heroic host at any company lunch.

One of the great things about being in the catering business in a smallish city like Campbelltown is the host of great options you can come up with for even an office lunch. Try these out for yourself and do tell us how it went!