List Of America’s Must-Try Traditional Foods

America is a wonderful place to spend your holidays. There is a number of places you can visit while holidaying in America.

Along with places to visit, the other thing that worries us is the food. Yes, food is life. Especially, for me, it’s a matter of life and death. Tasty food is my more than oxygen for me, and if you are one like me, you should have a list of food places before flying to the state.

To help you out in deciding what dishes to eat in America, below is a list.

Apple Pie

Do you why Americans are known as apple pie? Here is why.

The texture of apple pie is the reason behind calling them with this name, and when I heard this, I was as surprised as you are right now. The simple yet perfect combination of sugar, buttery pastry, and a few tart sliced apples are processed to make this yummilious dessert.

To enhance the taste of your apple pie, try it with green chilies. I can bet you will love it.

The Delicious Hamburger

Though Hamburgers are common in America, yet you will find it difficult to find the best of them. America is a hug for fast food. From fine dining to street food, you will find some places offering mouth-watering hamburgers. Once you have found the best place for hamburgers, I can bet you will not forget to linger licking taste for months.

The chances are high you plan your next holiday to that restaurant again. And of you already living in the USA, you can take the privilege of ordering fast food online to order a hamburger from your favorite restaurant.

Clam Chowder

Boston Clam Chowder should on the top of your list when you are holidaying in States. The fragment soup is sold everywhere, and you will fall in love with the taste. Though you may find it difficult to stand in a row waiting to get your meal, but it’s worth the wait. Well, there is a number of waits to eat it, and each way enhances the tastes. Explore which you like the most.

Bagel And Lox

Paying respect to the city’s Jewish population, let try bagel and lox. Let me tell you what it is. The lox is an extended form of salmon and is paired with a bagel to complete the dish, along with the cream cheese, garnished with fresh tomatoes, sliced onions, and cucumbers.

Even if you forget the name of the dish, go to the restaurant and ask for something that is cheesy topped with sliced onions, they will get the clue what you are asking for. Look for a place that makes the best lox bagel in town. Online reviews can help.

Deep-Dish Pizza Pan

Pizzas are love and Chicago offers the most different tastes in pizza. Among choosing the best pizza, do not forget to choose deep dish pan that means you get to taste volume of cheese and tomato sauce. You might hear someone calling it a pie, do not be surprised. To complete the taste, add sugary soda with it.

Look for Pizza restaurants near you to enjoy the savory taste.

Biscuits And Sausage Gravy

It certainly wakes you up in the morning. Americans are a way to fan of cookies and biscuits. For them the biscuit is a flaky scone often made with lard and buttermilk, biscuits are eaten at breakfast smothered in a thick white gravy that is studded with bits of sausage.

Texas Barbecue

A fresh piece of chicken roasted on the fire can make the mouth watered in no time. So, when you visit Texas, do not forget to taste smoked meat and tenderizing rubs, as these are common obsessions. You might have seen in the stadium, where people have brought a whole piece of chicken to spend quality time there. Not only have you got to cook chicken on it but everything.

Hominy Grits:

The love for Southern food is never-ending. There can be a long list focusing on edibles like chicken and waffles. Do not be surprised by the combination. It may sound a bit rough, but you will love it.

I had tasted these foods last year when I was visiting the States. I still have those tastes on my taste buds, and the craving is clicking me. If you have not planned for your next trip, American is the place to go.