Do You Have a Creative Marketing Plan For Social Media?

In today’s world full of new media and digital communications, enterprises of all types and technological industries have a huge opportunity to expand the reach of their messages and information using a variety of tools of social media.

In the same way that the Internet has changed the behavior of people in different undertakings they get into, such as purchasing music, planning out vacations, and various kinds of online research, it has also affected how they communicate and interact socially within their networks.

Through the usage of using social media, individuals can exchange images and videos, share news updates, post what’s on their mind and divulge thoughts on blogs, and share in online conversations. Social media also many kinds of people, businesses, organizations, governments, and politicians and the public masses to intermingle with many different kinds of people.

Good usage of social media can first of all help raise brand awareness. Most people today don’t just frequent one platform; people have Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. If you put together a complete creative marketing campaign which encompasses all of these platforms, and particularly if you make use of a technique called retargeting, your brand will start to appear everywhere.

Your potential audience will begin to see your name everywhere they go and it imprints the brand firmly in their minds. It can be almost subliminal in a way but it has a very powerful effect.

Another huge benefit is that you get the ability to engage directly with your audience in a very personal way. This is time consuming and in most cases you’ll need a dedicated staff to be on top of this who are monitoring all of your social channels for new comments, posts etc and who can respond quickly. It may be expensive but the benefits are huge.

When you engage personally in this way it raises trust in a way that traditional marketing cannot. It turns a potential client into a raving fan. Also, due to the way that social media works, campaigns can go viral because people love to share good content.

You can also build on this sharing mechanism to further drive your campaigns forward. For example you could run a competition which rewards people who share your content or perhaps you could generate buzz but inviting your audience to answer questions. The more engagement a particular post has, the more it tends to get because the popular posts are highlighted on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

It also allows you to nip problems in the bud and resolve issues quickly that might otherwise have turned into something negative.