Restaurant Food Safety And Hygiene Must Be A Focus For Employees

Food safety, restaurant cleanliness and hygiene are very important and always a major part of employee training. Have you ever worked in a restaurant before? Even if you weren’t in the kitchen, you were made aware of the importance of handling food properly. Management is held to an even higher standard, subject to extra training regarding food handling and food safety practices. They not only need to know what to do, but they must monitor and train employees, ensuring everything is handled correctly.

Every restaurant seems to approach food handling a little differently. The companies are subject to the rules and regulations imposed by the health department, but there are still different ways to get the job done. For example, food storage is a huge part of food safety. Food is stored in the freezer, the refrigerator and in other places throughout the restaurant. Then there are the guidelines for storing cooked food. Restaurant managers and employees have to take into account holding times, and they have to be sure the food is held at the right temperature. You can find a better storage solutions from

Food must also be cooked at the right temperatures. When I was a fast food restaurant manager, I was given a daily checklist of things to do to ensure that everything in the restaurant was running smoothly. Food safety and handling was always a big part of this checklist. As a matter of fact, upon becoming a manager, I had to go to class. I was officially back in school, and it was clear that while there were many objectives, food safety and handling was again a huge part of the training

There are often young people working in restaurants. These are people working their first jobs, getting themselves through school and in all kinds of other situations. They are required to take their jobs seriously, but if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know that not everyone does. That is why it’s so important for management to be professionals versed on proper restaurant operations. They can keep an eye out to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Is everyone washing their hands often? Are the people handling food in the kitchen using gloves, and are they switching the gloves out on time? Restaurant managers can even set timers for employees to know it’s time to wash their hands. I’ve seen it done before. There are also specific tools and utensils used for food handling, and these have to be put in certain spots and kept clean.

As mentioned, each restaurant is going to be a little different. Restaurant owners, managers and employees have to get creative. Food safety objectives and restaurant cleanliness and hygiene must always be a focus. If you’re learning about food safety and handling, everything discussed will be touched on. Plus, you will hear all about cross contamination and all kinds of other restaurant health hazards. People eat food, so food handling and safety is always held to a much higher standard.